Children’s Devotionals – “Son of Man”
Apr 12 – Apr 16 all-day

Son of Man

Day Three

Luke 22:69 – “But from now on the Son of Man will be seated in the place of power at God’s right hand.” Also read Daniel 7:13-14, Matthew 18:11, Luke 1:35

In the newspaper was posted this reward notice, “Looking for the long lost son of billionaire tycoon John Westley. If you are him or if you know of his whereabouts please contact the following number: 555-0909.” Well it didn’t take long for the person who placed the ad to receive about 100,000 phone calls from people claiming to be the son of John Westley. An interview was held and 95,000 men showed up. Each and every man who came claimed that he was the son of this man called John Westley. Whoever was the son of John Westley would receive billions of dollars and would become a powerful man. Well, only one man could fit the description of John Westley’s son. That man would receive the glory and wealth of his father.

In the Bible we have a description of a Son, but this Son is not lost. He was sent by His Father to save the lost. Many may say they are God’s son, but there can only be one. There are many verses in the Bible, which prove that He is God’s only Son. Many things are written in the Old Testament hundreds of years before the New Testament, which all happen in the New Testament.

Some examples are Bible verses that tell us hundreds of years before Jesus came that the Messiah would be born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14), in the town of Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), and that He would be a descendant of King David’s (2 Samuel 7:12). He would be “a Man of sorrows” (Isaiah 53:3) who would suffer rejection by His own people (Psalm 69:8), be betrayed by a friend (Psalm 41:9), and crucified between two thieves (Isaiah 53:12). As the Messiah died, His spirit would be commended to His Father (Psalm 31:5). He would be raised from the dead (Psalm 16:10) to take His place at God’s right hand (Psalm 110:1).

Wow! That’s a lot of verses. And these are just a few in the Old Testament that show us clearly that Jesus is truly the Son of God. He fulfilled all of these prophecies. He is a Prophet, Priest and King. Jesus did the will of His father. He came to deliver the world from sin and to adopt us into God’s family (Luke 4:18, 19; Acts 2:36-42). Jesus is the Son of God! What a blessing for us!

• What is one of the ways we can know that Jesus is the Son of God?

Kid’s Bible Dictionary
: To predict or foretell something before it happens.

Children’s Devotionals – “The Mediator”
Apr 13 – Apr 16 all-day

The Mediator

Day Four

1 Timothy 2:5 – “For there is one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity—the man Christ Jesus..” Also read Hebrews 4:14-16

Mr. Johnson had a wonderful job. He was known as a mediator. He was the individual responsible for delivering messages to the Commissioner of Baseball. When the baseball players had a problem they would contact Mr. Johnson and he would talk to the Commissioner and try to get the problem corrected. The baseball players could not go directly to the Commissioner because he was too important to see anyone. They had to go through Mr. Johnson who would speak for the players.

Sometimes the players had difficult things that they needed to get help with. Mr. Johnson always loved to help out. The players couldn’t go in directly, but they could always get to the commissioner through Mr. Johnson. They would just call him and tell him their problem and then Mr. Johnson would go to the Commissioner for them. Then the commissioner would solve whatever problem they had. The players had access to the Commissioner through Mr. Johnson. This is how it is in our relationship with God.

Because of our sin we can’t come into the presence of God. But God has made a way for us to have a relationship with Him. He is full of grace and mercy. He loves us so much that he sent His Son to save us. We can not go directly to Him unless we have a mediator. That mediator is Jesus. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. He paid the price for our sins and made a way for us to come into the presence of God. He rose again and is sitting at the right hand of God. He is our mediator. We go through Jesus to have a relationship with God. Whenever we have problems or need anything we can pray to our Heavenly Father in Jesus name. We know that He hears us and will help us. We can come boldly to God’s throne of grace because Jesus is our mediator.

• What price did Jesus pay for our sins?

• Is there more than one mediator between God and us?

• Is there anything that you need help with that you need to bring to Jesus?

Kid’s Bible Dictionary
: One who settles the differences between two parties. Jesus settled the differences between God and us by shedding His blood for our sins.

Children’s Devotionals – “Paying the Price”
Apr 14 – Apr 16 all-day

Paying the Price

Day Five

John 3:16 – “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” Also read 2 Corinthians 5:21

Jenny was so mad at her brother for what he had said to her that she picked up a ball and threw it at him. Jenny’s brother Todd ducked and the ball knocked over a vase which fell to the floor and broke. Later that evening Jenny’s father heard of the news. Mr. Wilson, Jenny’s father, spoke with Jenny and told her that she would need to be disciplined for her actions and would certainly lose some privileges.

Sitting at the desk was Todd. He knew that he shouldn’t have called his sister a name. He knew that if he would have kept his mouth shut none of this would have happened. He started to feel bad for what had happened. Even though Jenny broke the vase he knew that it was because of what he said. Todd walked over to his father and explained everything to him. He asked if he could take the place of Jenny and receive the discipline instead of her. Mr. Wilson agreed to it. Todd paid the price for what had happened.

Would you find it hard to take the punishment for someone else? If your parents punished you for something your brother or sister did, would you think it was fair? Todd had some responsibility in what happened in the story today. But what if Todd didn’t do anything? Jesus never sinned or did anything wrong, yet He chose to take on all of our sins. Remember the story of Barabbas? Jesus was innocent but Pilate released Barabbas just to please the people. Jesus took his place on the cross for the sins of others. According to God’s law, sin is so terrible that its punishment is death (Romans 6:23). Only Jesus Christ, who had no sin of His own, could take that punishment for us and pay the penalty for our sins. Aren’t you glad that Jesus took your place?

• What would you have done if you were Todd?

• What did Jesus do for us?

Kid’s Prayer Time
Let’s personalize John 3:16 by putting our name in the blanks provided.

“God loved _______ so much that He gave His one and only Son, that if _______ believes in Him, ________ shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Children’s Devotionals – “A Promise Made, A Promise Kept”
Apr 17 – Apr 23 all-day

A Promise Made, A Promise Kept

Day One

Mark 9:31 – “for he wanted to spend more time with his disciples and teach them. He said to them, “The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of his enemies. He will be killed, but three days later he will rise from the dead.” Also read Mark 9:30-32

Have you ever had someone break a promise to you? Maybe they said that they would do something for you and then didn’t follow through and do it. It can really hurt our feelings when someone does that to us. The Bible tells us that we have a friend that is closer than a brother. He is a friend that will never break any of His promises to us. That is wonderful to know because He has given us a lot of promises.

God cannot break a promise. It is one of the very few things God cannot do. Since Jesus is God, He cannot break any promises either. The Bible contains all of the promises that Jesus made to the disciples and to us. Today we read about a very important promise that Jesus made. He told them that He would die and be raised again from the dead. When Jesus spoke this promise to the disciples they were afraid to ask Him the meaning of it. It must have seemed scary to them that Jesus would die. They didn’t want to think about it and didn’t listen very well to what Jesus was saying at that time. But later they remembered what He said. They would remember Jesus’ words as the best promise He ever made and they wrote it down in the Bible for the whole world to read.

When Jesus kept His promise and rose from the dead, it proved that He really is God in the flesh. No one was there to put breath back into Jesus after He had been crucified. Remember everyone who claimed to be Jesus’ friend ran away when He was arrested. There were no hospitals while Jesus was on earth. In those days, there were no wonderful machines to help keep someone alive. Besides, the leaders wanted Jesus to die. They had given Him the death sentence. Guards who were sent to watch the tomb of Jesus wouldn’t want to help Him. It was a miracle! He came back to life because He is God. He promised He would do it, and Jesus always keeps His word.

• Can you think of a promise you have kept? What was it?

• Name some other promises you know that Jesus made to us.

Kid’s Bible Dictionary
: A future deed that will be done. Jesus promised He would be dead for three days and would rise again.

Children’s Devotionals – “He Always Keeps His Word!”
Apr 18 – Apr 23 all-day

He Always Keeps His Word!

Day Two

Gen.9:13 – “II have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth.” Read Genesis 8:20-22; 9:1-17

Diana and Jackie were pretty good friends. They often swapped clothes and toys and just about everything else. But there was one item Diana would never loan out to anyone and that was her favorite necklace. Jackie really liked that necklace and wanted to borrow it. She always asked, but Diana wouldn’t let her borrow it. It was very special to her.

One day Jackie asked again to borrow Diana’s necklace. She wanted to wear it just for a few hours during her birthday party. Jackie said she was going to have some birthday money and she promised she would take Diana skating if she would only let her wear the necklace. This was a tough choice for Diana because she loved to skate. She told Jackie it was okay. After the party Diana got her necklace back, and she waited for Jackie to tell her the day they would go skating. But Jackie never said anything. Finally Diana asked her friend about the promise. Jackie was very sorry. She had spent all of her birthday money and had forgotten about her promise. She asked Diana to forgive her. Diana was disappointed but she forgave her friend. She knew that it was better to forgive Jackie, even though she broke her promise.

Promises are easy to make. Sometimes people really mean what they say, but they may forget, or something will prevent them from keeping their promise. There is Someone who will always keep His promises. We have a whole book of His promises to read. We read today in Genesis about the flood over the earth. He set the rainbow in the sky as a sign that He remembers His covenant or promise that a great flood would never again destroy the earth. The Bible contains special promises from Jesus to you. If you pray and accept Jesus as your Savior, He promises that He will always be with you, no matter what, forever and ever. The Bible tells us of many promises Jesus makes and He will always keep them.

• Did you know that God never breaks His promises?

• Name some promises God has given us. (Hint: Remember the rainbow?)

Kid’s Bible Dictionary
: A binding agreement. God made covenants with Noah before and after the flood.

Children’s Devotionals – “He Promises We Will Be With Him”
Apr 19 @ 5:09 pm – Apr 23 @ 6:09 pm

He Promises We Will Be With Him

Day Three

John 14:2-3 – “There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you? When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. Read John 14:1-21

Steve always played basketball with his dad when he came home from work. No matter how tired his dad was, he always checked to see if Steve was done with his homework and then they would go play ball. One day Steve waited a very long time for his dad. He finished his homework and waited and waited and still his dad was not home. Steve began to worry. He asked his big sister where dad was. She didn’t know, but she told Steve to check the bulletin board. Steve remembered his dad always promised to write a note if he planned to be late. Steve found the note his dad left and it was filled with good news. Steve’s family had just bought a new house and his dad was there getting it ready to move into. Steve was very happy about the new house and even happier knowing where his father was.

You and I are a lot like Steve. In today’s Bible reading, we see Jesus speaking to His disciples and to us. The Bible is our bulletin board filled with messages and notes from our heavenly Father. It was written by the Holy Spirit, so we could know and understand about who God is and what He desires for our lives and future. Isn’t it a special comfort to know that Jesus is preparing a place for us, if we love Him and keep His commandments?

Just like Jesus rose from the dead we too will live forever if Jesus is in our hearts. Jesus went to be with the Father and He is getting a special place ready for us to be with Him forever. His promise is sure; we can totally count on Him. Here’s something fun to do. The next time you read the Bible as a family count how many promises you can find in the Bible passage.

• How can we go to see God (John 14:6)?

• Where do we find our messages from God?

• Do you believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world?

Kid’s Bible Dictionary
Bulletin board: A place to display messages. The Bible is our bulletin board from God.

Children’s Devotionals – “He Promises To Come Again”
Apr 20 – Apr 23 all-day

He Promises To Come Again

Day Four

Matt 25:13 – ““So you, too, must keep watch! For you do not know the day or hour of my return.” Read Matt 25:1-13

Julie’s grandmother was a missionary and she would come and visit every year. Each time she would visit, Julie would know when she was coming. Since she was very young, Julie’s grandmother taught her to watch the magnolia tree outside her window. Grandmother said she would come at about the same time the first flower opened. Julie knew this was the sign her grandmother was coming. Julie was always excited to see her grandmother because she would tell wonderful stories of the love of Jesus and how He changed the lives of the people who accepted Him in their heart all over the world. One time, while telling her of the wonderful things Jesus had done, Julie’s grandmother asked Julie if she would like to accept Jesus into her heart, too. It was a very special year for both of them. Julie and her grandmother planted a new magnolia tree in their yard to remember the special time.

The Bible tells us that Jesus will return for us. It could be at any time. He teaches in His word that no one knows when He will come, but He promises He will come for those who love Him and keep His commandments. In our scripture today, we learn of 10 women waiting for a groom to come for them. Some of the women were ready. Some of the women were not. They all knew He was coming, but not all of them were ready. We know Jesus always keeps His Word and He promises He will come again.

Just like Julie’s grandmother told Julie to watch for the sign that the magnolia tree would give her, Jesus told us to watch the signs that come to pass around us. There are a lot of things happening in the world today that show us that Jesus is getting ready to come back soon. We know that He will fulfill His promise by returning for us. We should always be watching and waiting.

• Are you ready for Jesus to come for you?

• Do you know and trust that Jesus is your Lord and Savior?

• Will you share Jesus with someone who doesn’t know Him?

Kid’s Bible Dictionary
Ready: Prepared for action. Are you ready for Jesus to come back?
Expect: To look forward to. Expect Jesus to come soon.
Trust: To put your faith in. We trust in Jesus.

Children’s Devotionals – “Promised Eternal Life”
Apr 21 – Apr 23 all-day

Promised Eternal Life

Day Five

John 6:47 – “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes has eternal life.” Also read John 6:37-48

This week we learned that Jesus always keeps His promises. As we read our Bibles, we see that Jesus said He would die on the cross, be buried and rise again—and He did exactly what He said He would do. We learned that people might break promises, but Jesus never will. We also discovered that Jesus promises that when we believe in Him we will be with Him forever. We learned we need to be ready when Jesus comes back and look forward to His return. Today we learned that Jesus made a promise that anyone who believes in Him can have eternal life in heaven with Him.

How do we know that Jesus will keep His promises to us? We can look in the Bible and see how many promises God made that He kept. Everything in the Bible that Jesus said He would do He has done. We can rely on Him to keep all of His promises because Jesus is perfect, and He is faithful. He will do everything He says.

Did you know that Jesus gave us someone to let us know that He will keep His promises? He sent us the Holy Spirit to live inside of us and to remind us that Jesus is faithful to keep His promises. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit as a guarantee that everything He says will one day take place (see Ephesians 1:13-14). One day Jesus will call out our names and tell us how much He loves us face to face. There is no one who loves us like Jesus loves us. We were made to love Him forever and ever.

• Where did Jesus come from?

• Why did He come?

• Do you belong to Jesus?

Kid’s Prayer Time
As you pray this week, remember the promises Jesus gave to us. Think about how He came down from heaven just to die on the cross for us. Remember He rose from the grave and He is coming back for His children. Praise God for His great merciful love.

Children’s Devotionals – “Truth Tester”
May 29 – Jun 4 all-day

Truth Tester

Day One

1 John 4:1 – “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” Also read 1 John 4:1-6

Have you ever been to the Gold Country? It is in the foothills and mountains of Northern California. It is there where they discovered gold in the 1840’s. If you have ever been up there maybe you had the chance to go panning for gold. It is a lot of fun to be able to get a pan and go down to a stream to try to find some real gold. You scoop up some sand and water from the bottom of the stream, then you swirl it around in the pan several times allowing some water to spill over the edges. The lighter dirt and sand swirls out, leaving small rocks and hopefully a gold nugget!

Many times though, you may find a shiny, golden nugget that looks like gold. At first, you’re excited to think that you may have actually found a gold nugget. But when you take it to ask an expert, he tells you that it is only a look-alike called “fools gold.” It looks like the real thing, shines like the real thing and even feels like the real thing. But when the expert tests it, it turns out to be fools gold and completely worthless.

The Bible says that we should “test” what people say about Jesus to make sure that it is the real thing. For example, if someone tells us that Jesus wasn’t really God, He was just a really good man, we know that is not true. How do we test it? We go to the expert – the Word of God. The Bible says that Jesus is God who came in the flesh (John 1:14). So we can test what anyone tells us through the Bible and through the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us. A lot of people believe different things about Jesus. Like spotting fools gold, we should be able to spot wrong ideas about Jesus after testing it in our “truth tester.”

• Have you ever been fooled by “fools gold?” How did you find out that it wasn’t real?

• What are the two ways that you can test what people say about Jesus?

• How should we react to those who don’t believe the same way about Jesus?

Kid’s Bible Dictionary
False Prophet:
A person or teacher who teaches wrong things about Jesus.
Test: A way of determining whether something that is said is true or not. We test truth through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

Children’s Devotionals – “Be a Berean”
May 30 – Jun 4 all-day

Be a Berean

Day Two

Acts 17:11 – “These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.” Also read Acts 17:10-12

Could you ever imagine questioning the great Apostle Paul? After all, Paul wrote most of the New Testament. He was the world’s greatest missionary and lived his life completely for the Lord. But he was still a man and he was very aware of that. So when he and Silas went to a place called Berea, they went to the Jew’s place of worship (the synagogue) and began to preach Jesus to them. The Bereans gladly listened to what Paul was saying but they wanted to make sure it was right, so they began to compare what he was saying with the Scriptures. Did Paul’s teaching match what was revealed in the Scriptures or was it different?

Now Paul could have got upset about this. He could have said, “How dare they question what I am teaching, I am an apostle!” But Paul was filled with the Holy Spirit and responded in love. He encouraged them to check out what he was teaching. In fact, he even told them that they were doing a good thing in that they were checking his teaching with the Scriptures. What did Paul have to worry about? His teaching completely lined up with the Bible. He wanted people to go to the Word to find out if what he was saying was true.

What was the result? Many people believed in Jesus! How exciting! We should also be a Berean and we should always compare what we hear to the Bible. The Lord will show us whether or not what we are hearing is in line with His Word. The more that we know His Word the better we can tell what is true and what is a lie.

• How can you be a Berean?

• What are some ways that you can think of that will help you to get to know the Word better?

• Pray and ask the Lord to help you to know His truth better through His Word.

Kid’s Bible Dictionary
Bereans: People from Berea who tested what Paul said by comparing it with the Word of God.