YouVersionBibleAppInstructions_WordpressFeatureImageCrossroads on the YouVersion Bible App

If you have a smart phone, most likely you can view a digital version of our bulletin, hosted by our friends YouVersion! If you want to use our digital bulletins, below are some instructions on how to download and use the app!


Step 1: Download the App.YouVersionBibleAppInstructions_Step1

On your smart phone, CLICK HERE to go to the YouVersion website. There you can download the app to your smart phone.


Step 2: Open the App, and Click on the “More” Tab.YouVersionBibleAppInstructions_Step2

Step 3: Click on the “Events” Tab.YouVersionBibleAppInstructions_Step3

Step 4: Search for “43953” or “Crossroads Christian Church – Wintersville”.YouVersionBibleAppInstructions_Step4rev1

Step 5: Follow Along with Scripture, and Check Out Our Announcements!YouVersionBibleAppInstructions_Step5rev1