To become a member of Crossroads Christian Church, there are a few steps you need to take:

  1. Are you a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ?
  2. Have you been baptised in the name of Jesus by immersion of water?
  3. Are you 18 and over?
  4. Have you been attending Crossroads Christian Church for 6 months?
  5. Take a look at our “Statement of Faith” webpage.
  6. Read through our current Bylaws that our Church and Leadership abide by.
  7. By your confession and conduct, are you actively pursuing and continuing in a vital fellowship with the Lord, Jesus Christ?

If you have said “yes” to all of the above, and are in agreement, then we have one last step for you to take.

Click here to print a copy of our Membership Agreement Appendix.

By completing our Membership Agreement Appendix and submitting it to our church office, you are agreeing to our governing statements within our Bylaws, you are agreeing to the total authority of Jesus Christ and God’s Word, The Bible. The Elders of this Church shall have final approval of all membership inquiries, and they will be the authority in all matters of church governance, as set forth and described in the Bylaws.

God Bless,
Crossroads Christian Church